Frequently Asked Questions

We’re delighted you have chosen to stay with us, and we want to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.
Following are helpful tips to help you around the cabin.

a quick note: Paint Rock Cabin is relatively close to the town of Hot Springs but sits in a remote spot in the Pisgah National Forest with just a couple of houses around. This remoteness provides the beauty and solitude most of our guests are looking for but an important trait lost in our civilized lives is self reliance. Be aware, use your brain, and enjoy the wilderness.

Reservation-related information, damage policy, and cancellation policies: See cabin information here

directions from I-40 (coming from the east): As you approach Asheville, take exit 53B onto 1-240 west. Go 5-6 miles on 1-240. Take exit 4A onto Highway 19/23 North toward Weaverville. Go 8-10 miles until you see a sign that says Hot Springs 2nd right. Under the underpass exit right onto Highway 25/70 going north toward Marshall. Follow Highway 25/70 north about 30 miles to Hot Springs. PAINT ROCK CABIN is 6 miles from the Hot Springs Bridge downriver on River Road.

directions from I-40 (coming from the west): As you approach Newport Tennessee, take exit 432 onto highway 25/70 headed east. Follow 25/70 east through Newport about 25 miles to Hot Springs. PAINT ROCK CABIN is 6 miles from the Hot Springs Bridge downriver on River Road.

directions from I-26 (coming from the south): 1-26 will turn into 1-240 as you approach Asheville. Go 4-5 miles on 1-240 to the downtown area. Take exit 4A onto US Highway 19/23 North toward Weaverville. Go 8-10 miles until you see a sign that says Hot Springs 2nd right. Under the underpass exit right onto Highway 25/70 going north toward Marshall. Follow Highway 25/70 north about 30 miles to Hot Springs. PAINT ROCK CABIN is 6 miles from the Hot Springs Bridge downriver on River Road.

check in: Check-in is after 3:00 PM. Information will be provided once your reservation has been confirmed.

check out:  By 11:00am. Make sure all doors are locked. Leave all used linens in a bundle in each room. Please wash dishes. Tie trash and recycle bags well and leave on stairwell landing by the main door. If there’s a possibility of
leakiness, please place a dirty towel below the bags. Make sure lights, fans, and ACs are off.  Turn thermostats back to 65 degrees. Don’t forget to sign the guest book ☺

keys: There are 2 keys in the lock box. Keep one key in the box because it’s easy to lock yourself out. Leave the other one on the kitchen counter or back in the lock box when you check out.

what to bring: Each cabin is fully furnished and the kitchen comes stocked with cookware and dinnerware. Beds have mattress pads, bedspreads, blankets, and pillows. The cabin also has bath towels and some toiletries.

repairs: We cannot guarantee heat, A/C, plumbing, appliances, Jacuzzi, or like equipment. NO REFUND will be made upon their failure; however, every effort will be made to make repairs as soon as possible to provide for your comfort. Please notify us of anything in need of attention, both by phone and email.  828-707-0065, 828-273-4071, or

items left behind: We will hold items for three months, then donate them.  Shipping charges plus a $20.00 service charge must be paid if you request us to package and return items left behind.

fire pit & grill usage: Forest fires are our worst fear here at Paint Rock Cabin. PLEASE PLEASE be smart and safe with the fire pit, grill, and woodstove. Fire extinguishers are provided in the kitchen and on the screened porch. No grilling on the screened porch section. Seems like common sense, but some have failed to roll the grill out onto the uncovered part of the deck. Please use appropriately sized logs on the fire pit. Don’t overhang long logs. It can get VERY dry here and leaves catch fire so easily. If you must smoke cigarettes OUTSIDE of the cabin, PLEASE crush them out completely and throw them away inside. Someone threw one out in the flower bed on the front side of the house and caught the mulch on fire. It can happen so quickly.

do cell phones work in the area?
Not usually at the cabin. USCellular has a tower in Hot Springs so most all cell phones will work about halfway down River Road.  We have Verizon cellhones that connect sometimes. There is a hard-line phone in the cabin, and the phone number is 828-622-3429. US long distance calls are allowed.

is there internet access?
We have satellite Internet service. Please know it is useage-based, so please, no gaming or large downloads of videos. In cases of bad weather, we cannot guarantee the service, so please do not call us in hopes we can do something about it. We’ve had no interruption in service through several rainstorms and cloudy weekends, but we’ve never been there to see how it handles more severe storms.

thermostats: The cabin is heated and cooled with Mitsubishi mini-split systems on each of the three floors, one per floor. These are controlled by thermostats that need to stay in the wall mounted holster near the mini-split it is programmed for. We like to have the housekeeper leave the thermostats on 72 in Summer and 65 in Winter.

woodstove: Please use caution when operating the wood stove. Never leave the house with a fire going. There are two operations on the wood stove. The large white handle on the side opens and closes the flue. Make sure the flue is open when
starting the fire or it will smoke you out of the cabin. When you are finished with the fire, you can close the flue to smother it. There is a small damper valve on the back of the stove operated with a silver lever.  Use this valve to adjust the heat output of the stove. It’s a little stove, but it puts out the heat!  Again, please use extreme caution.

trundle beds: Underneath each daybed on the bottom floor is a trundle bed that pulls out (either side of the daybed) and pops up. Feel free to move furniture around as needed. We ask only that you are careful in pulling the trundle out and pushing it back to not tear the sheets, as it is a tight fit. You will find extra blankets, mattress pads, etc…either in the storage chest or laundry room.

jacuzzi tub: Off/On switch on front side of tub. Do not turn on until jets are covered with water. If a jet doesn’t work, pull it out towards you. If by chance the motor does not come on, there is a breaker reset switch under the tub, accessible through the closet in the bedroom.

kitchen stove: The broiler is the bottom part of stove, so please be careful what pans get left in that area while using oven.

“common land usage” (river frontage access)
Because we share this land with other owners who may be camping down on this land, please be respectful of others using the space. We have a general understanding of a sun-up to sun-down usage by renters, but if you’re there alone, stay as long as you like. This is an excellent spot for fishing, picnicking, tent camping, putting in or taking out your river vessel, and letting your dogs swim. To access:  turn right out of our driveway, and you will see a park gate about ¼ mile down on the left marked with a metal River Road Retreat Homeowner’s Association sign. We will provide Gate Code if you want to drive your vehicle down there.

bugs, rodents, forest animals
Remember, you’re in the woods, and we share the woods with all of the above. We do what we can to limit the exposure, but please know we can’t eliminate everything. Wasps and carpenter bees frequent the decks, and we usually have wasp spray at the cabin. Lady bugs visit en masse a couple of times a year, but they are harmless, and we just vacuum them up. There is the occasional winter mouse, and we keep mouse poison traps well hidden (from dogs & kids) in the cabin. Forest animals we have seen during our stays: lots of turkey, deer, occasional bear, friendly, yet startling black snake who hangs out sometimes in the lower rock wall of the garden, other snakes including copperheads, rattlesnakes, and large wood spiders.

river flooding
Paint Rock Cabin is located in a unique place on the French Broad River.  A couple times a year the road can be flooded out and impassable. We provide a map at the cabin to drive out a different way to reach Hot Springs. If the river seems especially high and there is a lot of rain still to come or occurring there is a very real chance of this happening. Be aware.

• Take off uphill anywhere behind the cabin, and you will wind up on an old forest road that winds around to the Right to
meet Polecat Road, a gravel forest road that joins River Road downhill. Makes for a good mile loop.

• Back at Murray Branch Park (you passed it 2 miles back on River Road), there’s a worthwhile loop trail of about 2 miles.

• Continue down River Road ½ mile to the bridge. There’s an unmarked STEEP trail (5 minutes up) to a FANTASTIC view
of the river and surrounding mountains. It’s  on the Right side of the road about 40 feet BEFORE the bridge. Watch out for
poison ivy in the Summer.  It’s worth it!  This is where the Kanuga and Kanasta  Indians of the area hung out to watch over
their tribes. The ancient Indian pictographs are located on this rock cliff, some are viewable from the road.

• Hiking on the Appalachian Trail– goes right through downtown

swimming holes: Depart the cabin driveway to the RIGHT and continue down to the bridge (there’s a swimming area behind the grassy area there at the turn), go RIGHT at the fork to Lower Paint Creek Road and follow Paint Creek back some 2-5 miles to Stephens Falls, a great swimming hole and jump off cliff. Lots of camping and picnic turnouts, and one of the most beautiful drives around. (Along the way, you’ll see a RIGHT turn over a bridge that shows a sign for camping and fishing. Go towards the fish/pond (left) for a wonderful picnic and fishing pond. Great for dogs that love to swim.)

Spring Creek Tavern– on Main St.
Mountain Magnolia Inn: (B&B upscale dining in town)
Iron Horse Station: live music sometimes- in town
• Iron Horse Coffee Shop: (with internet access) good wine selection and ice cream
Smokey Mountain Diner: in town (local favorite)
• The Camp Store: across from Hot Springs Spa (have beer/wine)
Bluff Mountain Outfitters: gear shop that has groceries
• Dollar General: groceries
• Hillbilly Market: groceries
• Large selection grocery = Ingles on Hwy 25/70 in Marshall

hot tubs/massages:
Hot Springs Spa & Resort: 828-622-7676 – bookings until midnight 7 days a week. A must-do!

We do a thorough walk-through upon departure and will seek repairs/replacement for any damages or losses. Please remember, this is our home too. We hope you’ll tell others about Paint Rock Cabin, leave a note in our comment book and on, or “like” us on Facebook!  Also, please let us know how we can improve our cabin experience for future visitors! There’s always room for improvement, and we can only know through your comments. This goes for notifying us of any housekeeping issues that need to be brought to our attention as well.  THANKS!